Worst things you can do when dating a girl met on the internet

In this digital age, almost everything is served to us in just a click of a button. Even the emotionally taxing task of dating gets easier since people can meet online through dating apps or even at social networking sites. But even though the task of putting yourself out there and meeting other willing singles has already been made easy by online apps, the bigger task of opening up, being vulnerable, and committing to someone is all up to you. It does get scary the first time, especially when you are not really the kind who approaches girls. It can be daunting, but just remember some of the worst things that you can do when dating a girl you met online, and you’ll be set.

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Ghost them

Ghosting, or just leaving them at ‘delivered’ or ‘seen’, is very prevalent nowadays since it is very convenient for people to just not respond to messages whenever they can. This usually leaves the girl wondering what went wrong, or was there something wrong with them. Don’t treat them like Raleigh escorts that you can just leave in the bed the morning after. Sure, being honest might be difficult, but it does not hurt telling your date the truth. It may sting, but it is better than them wondering for god knows what reasons you may have. And if you happen to be a serial ‘ghoster’ maybe you should reevaluate your life decisions and take a break from dating for the meantime.


Lying is a very broad term, but in the context of dating, especially online, this can refer to catfishing. With all the pressure to look good in social media, it does get tempting to spice up your boring life by adding up details to your story that did not actually happen. This gives an illusion that you have a perfect life, when in reality, we are all living imperfect lives. We see so much content on social media that affects the way we view ourselves, thus pushing us to fabricate lies just to look better than the truth. 

Aside from faking stories, faking your appearance also is common in online dating. You may look good in pictures, but when your date sees you, it is very far from what you really look like. While adding filters and using make up is harmless, extreme manipulation of body parts just to look good is already deceiving. You are not an escort trying to get a client’s attention, so don’t try too hard to look attractive. You would not get a genuine connection if you present a superficial version of yourself.

In conclusion

While online dating serves a lot of pros, this also cons. And while the cons are unavoidable, be decent enough to be the person you would also want to date if you were a girl. Dating should be about building authentic connections, not just randomly doing whatever you want without considering the girl’s feelings. So now that you have an idea of the worst things you can do when dating a girl, be sure to avoid doing it to get the most out of the experience.